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Fan Talk

“You’d literally think PJ was playing.

– LedHead Lynn
Fan Talk

“I was planning on seeing PJ later this year but couldn't get I feel like I got to see them

– LedHead Mike
About the band
The Ledbetters are THE ultimate Pearl Jam tribute band. Capturing an authentic recreation of Pearl Jam’s studio recordings, combined with their intense live shows, The Ledbetters will bring you right back to your flannel-wearing days. Comprised of powerhouse singer Jamie Stem (Sinch), James Burke on lead guitar, Steven Piperno on guitars, Rocco De Lise on bass guitar, and John Stover on drums, they accurately pay homage to the DEEP catalogue of iconic songs that influenced a generation. WHY GO see them? They’ll make you feel ALIVE! 

For booking inquiries
contact Rachel Hill at Blue Raven Entertainment
P: 610-762-6413

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